3 Ways To Study Every Student Can Be A Topper In Exams!

Board exams of all students are approaching near so all the students are in great fear of them as they think the have studied nothing can not do in just few days and thinking how to study now so here are the tips to them.

1. Don’t study when do not want

You may think that we never wish to study so it is useless but every student knows exams are approaching. We study bored and without full concentration because we do it everyday for hours it is another thing not with full concentration thinking of something else also but for hours so now we are bored and do not wish to study but because our parents say we study not because we wish so if you would not study for one or two days surely your soul will ask you to study and you will study with full concentration.

2. Make note of tou will study the previous day. Think for sometime what you should study or want to study the next day and write on a diary or copy before studying and then study the same. It can even be one chapter or few subtopics but the thing is that study in such a way you need not study a next time. If you can not study that much on the same day write on that copy ‘ I was not capable to study this’ below where you have written truth fully and never show your diary or copy to anyone because if you are doing it under some one pressure then it is useless so if you want someone to do this ask them to read it.

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