5 tips for men to look handsome

Many times people often get driven by the thought of beauty means women. Men going to a salon, apart from a regular haircut or shave make people go wow! like a man doesn’t need any grooming! But it is a big myth. Obviously, a man also has a right to look good on his date, in his office or on an outing as well. Looking well-groomed can impress the chicks.
So here we have bought 5 tips to impress girls with your handsome looks:

Clean men are every women’s first choice. Nobody gets attracted towards the men with too many hairs in his armpits or with yellow teeth. Be careful to look clean and smell good even from your mouth, else no girl will be interested in kissing you.

A man with hairs on ears and in nose looks like a crusty uncle. Cleaning your beard is not enough, cleaning all facial hair can make you look fresh and clear and girls will love to come closer to you.

Think if you are on a date with a gorgeous girl and you are eating with your hands which have long dirty nails! What will be your first impression on that girl? The girl will never come on a date with you again!

Girl’s soft and smooth skin attracts you the most then don’t you feel you should also do something to make your skin look moisturized a bit? Get a good lotion for your body and a lip balm for your lips to groom yourself up.

Going for any type of beard shape is a big NO! Please, make sure your beard should compliment your face shape. Looking at someone, falling in love with their beard and trying it on your face can ruin your look.